Australian road freight will continue to grow with increased demand over the short to medium term but driver shortages and traffic congestion will be ongoing issues.

The way in which goods are transported will need changes, as the online retail internet boom will play a significant part in the transport industry growth and will offer opportunities for road freight operators with new entrants moving into this sector.

Interstate: Will continue to be the fastest growing sector during 2013, particularly articulated trucks in the Sydney/Melbourne corridor.

Intrastate: Rigid trucks will provide a faster, safer improved transport mode in the container transport sector. Light to medium rigid trucks will show significant growth with new opportunities created by online shopping.

Contract competition: Load prices will continue to be competitive, as backloads continue to be price gouged with owner/drivers undercutting the market by underquoting.

Labour costs: Labour hire will increase impacting on both the shorthaul operators and the linehaul operators.

Fuel costs: This is the largest cost (outside of labour costs) for Australia’s road freight transport industry with global volatility expected to continue.

Truck Insurance: Based on risk, this sector should remain steady throughout 2013 in the shorthaul and linehaul sectors.

Rail freight: Will continue to grow, mainly because of mining but the logistics within this transport sector in the retail/warehousing sector will continue to impact because of time efficiency.

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