As an Australian truckie and the distances you have to travel, truck maintenance has to be on your priority list.

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The driver pulled into a petrol station in Box Hill when his truck become wedged under the service station canopy.

No doubt this has been what I consider a “distress fuel fill”, and there is no need for this event to occur.

During 2012, there has been a spate of trucks wedged in tunnels or under overhead railway lines. Imagine the costs incurred, not only to your own vehicle, but to other road users. And what about the truck insurance impact on you?

Suburban fuel stations are for domestic vehicles, not commercial vehicles.

Truck stops are purpose built to cater for our commercial vehicles and allow for all truck sizes. Knowing your carrying capacity, truck length, truck width and truck height are a need to know practice to apply before you begin your trip.

Truck maintenance (while a cost) is imperative, as downtime when something goes wrong is a very expensive exercise and can be avoided by regularly maintaining your vehicle. You should never be in a position (like you might be in your car) being low on fuel and looking for a service station to fill your rig.

Better preparation is fundamental in a profitable trucking business…so know your truck!


Fit long range fuel tanks to your truck even for short haul or local freight distribution

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