Lower speed limits for trial.

Article published in the Sydney Morning Herald

If there’s going to be a trial of these vehicles (B-triples), the community has a right to make sure they have a speed limit so that people can [pass] them

The B-triple trial should be allowed to go ahead as the potential of these larger “rigs” have the ability to move larger volumes of freight than current B-doubles. That could mean cheaper on road freight costs, faster distribution which could result in cheaper shelf prices for Australian consumers. The Sydney-Melbourne trial, because of it’s freight volume and highway condition, would result in a cost effective exercise for the Australian Trucking Industry eventually increasing competition and in reality reduce road congestion. Think of it this way, every second B-triple on the road makes up for one less B-double on the road.


Let the trial go ahead, listen to the feedback and let the logistics boys crunch the numbers. Don’t make this a political issue….it’s a freight issue

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