Article published in The Coffs Coast Advocate

Who said our “Australian truckies” had no patience!

They’ve increasingly had to look inland to get their freight through thanks to floodwaters covering the Pacific Highway north and south of Coffs Harbour since the deluge turned to inundation.

The recent floods along the east coast of Australia have cost our trucking fraternity large sums of money. Truck drivers and transport operators have suffered major highway delays before, but the recent rain deluge that the industry has experienced over the last week, has tested the patience of the best of them.

Road transport has come to a halt, with our truckies literally “camped” on our major highways. The mantra, “we don’t make money when the wheels aren’t turning” is hurting. This crisis will continue for many weeks to come, because of the impact of the damage caused to major highways and bridges, bringing the road transport industry to a jarring halt.


Patience is a virtue


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