The most important criteria in choosing your truck insurance broker is up to you…Simply put, choose the truck insurance broker that best meets your needs, not necessarily the cheapest. Cheap truck insurance may mean that the cover you should have may not be mentioned to you and may be insufficient.

Make you truck insurance broker part of your business. Look at the type of cover you have, having it for your truck is one thing, but you run a trucking business. What happens if your truck is involved in an accident and is written off? You still have to pay your bills and with no income, that makes life difficult for you and your business let alone your family. Ask your truck insurance broker to explain to you, in easy terms, what your actual truck insurance cover is all about. Brokers have a commitment to “duty of care” and should advise you on options you may need to properly protect you, your employees, your business, your company and your family. Don’t be misled by a cheap truck insurance quote, ask questions of your broker.

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