A Truck Insurance Policy is a legal document

There are ‘Transport Insurance‘ pitfalls that you should be aware of when seeking the ‘right truck insurance‘ and you should deal with a dedicated Truck Insurance Broker.

Things you should look for when looking for truck insurance:

*The insurer and their agreements *Words with special meanings *Cooling off periods and cancellation rights *Privacy Agreement *Disputes *Duty of Disclosure * General Insurance Code of Practice *Effects of Taxation

Conditions of Cover include: *What the insurer will cover*What the Insurer will not Cover *Additional benefits including optional covers *Claims and how any excess will apply *What liabilities you are covered for *How GST applies to you and your business *Any general conditions of the insurance policy.

A cheap premium does not mean you have the ‘right’ insurance. It could mean that you do not have the ‘correct’ insurance for your needs.

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