Truck Transport Insurance… all makes, models, shapes and configurations

Several government policies and legislation impact on trucking operators in Australia and dictates the amount of time truck drivers spend behind the wheel. Remaining profitable in the Australian Trucking Industry is a constant battle with the introduction of the carbon tax, rising fuel costs and the cost of  truck insurance.

When there is a drop in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale industries, there is a flow on effect to the trucking industry as volume loads slowly diminish and load rates reduce due to competition to get the business.

  The cost of road accident claims have dramatically risen, forcing truck insurance premiums to rise even though truck drivers in Australia are the most highly trained drivers on our Australian roads. Our safety record in Australia , considering the industry covers 16+ million kilometres annually, safety remains high within the trucking profession.

Truck Transport Insurance is a must have in Australia to gain freight contracts, because you must have insurances in place before freight contracts are issued, but many issues are impacting on higher premiums like:

* Cost of accident claims * Equipment replacement * Cost of repairs *Healthcare for injured drivers *Reinsurance

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