Truck owner driver/operators play an important role in Australia

The truck owner driver operators in Australia are the backbone of Australia’s truck transport industry. Competing with major fleet operators and finding the profitable edge and constant business growth, is sometimes not an easy task. The smart truck owner driver operator can stay ahead of the competition by having a properly structured administration support team behind him.

70% of all truck transport operators in Australia have (1) truck with 24% having (2) to (4) trucks. These hire and reward operators focus on the transport and logistics market…. providing trucking services. The ancillary services segment focus on other services other than transport and have truck fleets to transport there very own products.

Less than 1% of operators have fleets with (100) or more trucks.


Truck Owner Driver/Operators insurance for small to medium businesses: 1 to 14 vehicles

1) Usually independently owned

2) The business owner is the person responsible for driving and maintaining the vehicle and managing the business

3) Mostly family run businesses.

Mid Sized Truck Fleets: 15-49 vehicles

1) Complex to manage

2) Involved in short-haul and long-haul transport runs

3) Must get develop procedures to manage administration, safety compliance and regular systematic maintenance

Large Fleets: 50-100 vehicles

1) Complex to manage

2) Need to be always highly competitive to stay profitable

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