Finding the truck insurance broker to ensure you get a better truck insurance premium

Firstly, find a truck insurance broker that you are confident with. Truck Insurance Brokers at Truck Insurance Australia, work to a very high ASIC standard to ensure that you have the right truck insurance cover to match your requirements. Cheap, can sometimes be nasty, leaving you in financial stress that can ruin your transport operation. Your Truck Insurance Australia broker will guide you through the sometimes maze of different truck insurance covers that exist. At Truck Insurance Australia, all of our truck insurance brokers work for you….not insurance companies.

ATA Australian trucking industry experts release combination braking guide

The associations representing trucking operators, manufacturers and suppliers have released a comprehensive braking guide to assist industry members understanding of current braking combinations.

“Understanding brake and stability ratings for truck and trailer combinations that have varying brake technologies is a key to achieving best practice in the trucking industry,” the ATA’s Senior Adviser, Engineering, Chris Loose, said.


TIA Truck Underinsurance

At Truck Insurance Australia we are aware occasionally, that a client may under value their truck insurance cover which poses the question: Are you underinsured? You may be under estimating the value of your insurance cover. It is our responsibility, as a truck insurance broker, to advise you about the right truck insurance protection so that, in an unfortunate event of an accident, we aim to provide you with the right truck insurance for your business. There is more to truck insurance cover, it’s not just the insurance you have for your truck.

Our advice to you is built on our experience in the truck insurance industry. Don’t just renew your policy have your truck insurance cover reviewed annually by a professional truck insurance adviser.

Choosing the right truck insurance broker

The most important criteria in choosing your truck insurance broker is up to you…Simply put, choose the truck insurance broker that best meets your needs, not necessarily the cheapest. Cheap truck insurance may mean that the cover you should have may not be mentioned to you and may be insufficient.

Make you truck insurance broker part of your business. Look at the type of cover you have, having it for your truck is one thing, but you run a trucking business. What happens if your truck is involved in an accident and is written off? You still have to pay your bills and with no income, that makes life difficult for you and your business let alone your family. Ask your truck insurance broker to explain to you, in easy terms, what your actual truck insurance cover is all about. Brokers have a commitment to “duty of care” and should advise you on options you may need to properly protect you, your employees, your business, your company and your family. Don’t be misled by a cheap truck insurance quote, ask questions of your broker.

What is truck insurance premium funding

An insurance premium funder allows you to pay your annual truck insurance premium, in easy to manage monthly instalments, normally over a 10month period. Premium funding is a flexible alternative to paying your insurance premium upfront and frees up your money by avoiding a yearly lump sum payment to pay for your annual truck insurance cover, even at renewal time.

You then repay the premium funder in easy to manage monthly instalments. Talk to your truck insurance broker about truck insurance premium funding.



Truck Insurance Claims

All truck insurance companies will pay genuine claims which satisfy a reasonable interpretation of the terms and conditions of the relevant truck insurance policy. Truck Insurance companies assess each truck insurance claim based on medical and other relevant evidence using consistent guidelines in an ethical and transparent manner ensuring that all truck insurance claims are carefully considered from the onset, by skilled and fully qualified assessors. Generally they will ask for standard and relevant information upfront to assist with the assessment process.

Truck insurance claims that meet the terms and conditions of the truck insurance policy cover, will be paid promptly when all necessary information has been received and assessed.

Truck Insurance Advice (TIA)

Truck insurance brokers are specialists in truck insurance. While considered as part of the Australian general insurance market, most general insurance brokers operate very successfully in home and contents insurance, car insurance and life insurance.

To get the right truck insurance advice (TIA), talk to a truck insurance adviser, he can protect and advise you of the kinds of truck insurance cover that best suits you and your transport business as all transport businesses are different. Risk and reward are key features of any truck insurance cover. If you have a history of no accident claims over the past 5 years, a clean driving license record, you are rewarded with a low truck insurance premium. The insurance advice offered should be reasonable and not inappropriate.

Truck Insurance Cover Suggestions

For truck owner drivers in Australia, Truck Insurance Australia recommends heavy motor truck insurance (Commercial Motor Insurance) for your rig, along with “down time” insurance protection cover. This   guarantees a steady income stream for your business while your vehicle, after an accident, is being repaired.

Business Public Liability should also be considered as it protects you against goods in transit being damaged.

These are simple basic recommendations from Truck Insurance Australia that can extend your business operation. After all, you as a truck owner driver, run a business and should guard against any contingency that may have a negative impact on your business

Truck Insurance Brokers

Truck Insurance Brokers in Australia are highly skilled, qualified and specialists in the truck transport insurance industry in Australia. They are registered with ASIC and are continually monitored, ensuring you get the right advice for your trucking operation, whether you are an owner driver or have a small to major fleet.

Truck Insurance Brokers act on your behalf and do not work alone on behalf of one insurer…..they find the “right truck insurance” to suit your needs with all major insurers. Sometimes we see the insured” completely “under-insured”. This can cause major financial hardship for the future of your truck transport business.

You should get involved with a truck insurance broker who acts with “due care and diligence” on behalf of you, the insured. There is no such thing as “cheap truck insurance”….it doesn’t exist,

Sometimes this can impact on you financially and put your business at risk.

Courier Truck Insurance

The Fuso 300 series….ideal Courier Trucks

With more and more people ordering products over the internet, their has been a proliferation of packaged deliveries and high demand for this form of courier truck transport. Consumer online shopping via ebay, Amazon,Google, the iPhones, iPads and Android services are driving remarkable growth, Australian retailers are being forced to change their marketing strategies via their websites. Courier trucks in Australia are going through a boom time.

Not to be confused with courier vans (normally under 2 tonne capacity) courier trucks can carry a greater load and more bulky products that need to be delivered locally. Courier trucks normally work in a city environment but can easily handle profitable intrastate deliveries because of their increased load capacities.

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