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Australian consumers rely heavily on road freight with the trucking industry carrying 75% of Australia’s domestic freight. The last motor vehicle census in Australia was 2011 and showed that there were 523,727 trucks registered nationally. The 2006 and 2011 (5) year period showed an annual growth rate of 2.7%. While most are truck fleets, a major market exists in the owner driver category.

While the majority of the road freight in Australia is moved intrastate, this market segment is steadily growing. The major interstate corridors like Sydney to Brisbane and Sydney to Melbourne is expected to show best growth rates on these such like shorter haul distances.

The Australian Trucking Industry expects an annual growth rate of 3.8% during 2011 to 2016 reaching an estimated revenue figure of $42.8 billion by 2015-2016.

We cater to the following categories : Owner Drivers, Marine Cargo, Light Rigid Trucks, Medium Rigid Trucks, Tipper Trucks, Heavy Rigid Trucks, Commercial Motor, Refrigerated Trucks, Courier Trucks

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Truck Insurance Quotes Tips

With freight rates becoming more competitive every day in Australia, improving your bottom line profit performance, while maintaining the right Truck Insurance, are paramount with succeeding in today’s Australian road transport industry.

Ensuring you get the most cost effective Truck Insurance is a great start in reducing high rising overheads while protecting your assets on the way. Make sure your Truck Insurance is tailor made to suit your needs. Only a trusted, reliable Truck Insurance broker understands your needs and can help you through what can be, at times, a minefield.

Mack Metro-Liner

Mack Metro-Liner

Several Truck Insurance companies are based in Australia to offer you Truck Insurance……. but are they there to help, when you need to claim?  For a truck insurance brokers quote…click here 

Tipper Truck Insurance

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks in Australia come in all shapes and sizes and are available in different axle configurations with carrying capacities from 2 to 15 tonnes.

Carrying a variety of bulk products from sand, landfill, gravel,grain and foodstuffs, tipper trucks make up the bulk of the 56% of the national road freight services in Australia while accounting (in different configurations), for only 18% of all road freight and are considered under short distance road freight services.

Unloading a tipper truck successfully takes a highly experienced operator as they have a tendency to tip over.

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Truck Owner Driver Operators Insurance

Truck owner driver/operators play an important role in Australia

The truck owner driver operators in Australia are the backbone of Australia’s truck transport industry. Competing with major fleet operators and finding the profitable edge and constant business growth, is sometimes not an easy task. The smart truck owner driver operator can stay ahead of the competition by having a properly structured administration support team behind him.

70% of all truck transport operators in Australia have (1) truck with 24% having (2) to (4) trucks. These hire and reward operators focus on the transport and logistics market…. providing trucking services. The ancillary services segment focus on other services other than transport and have truck fleets to transport there very own products.

Less than 1% of operators have fleets with (100) or more trucks.


Truck Owner Driver/Operators insurance for small to medium businesses: 1 to 14 vehicles

1) Usually independently owned

2) The business owner is the person responsible for driving and maintaining the vehicle and managing the business

3) Mostly family run businesses.

Mid Sized Truck Fleets: 15-49 vehicles

1) Complex to manage

2) Involved in short-haul and long-haul transport runs

3) Must get develop procedures to manage administration, safety compliance and regular systematic maintenance

Large Fleets: 50-100 vehicles

1) Complex to manage

2) Need to be always highly competitive to stay profitable

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Mobile friendly website

Truck Insurance Australia has now built a “mobile friendly website” so that our truck owner operators can organise a truck insurance quote from their mobile devices while their trucks are being loaded or unloaded. It saves time while on the road and in most occasions, the quote information will be emailed as soon as possible to our clients.

Woolworths move to contracted truck drivers

200 Victorian Australian truckies to get the sack

Article published in Weekly Times Now

Linfox will also be invited to talk staff about opportunities that may be available in their business

Isn’t it just dandy that Woolworths will discuss with Linfox, about opportunities that they may have for these sacked truck drivers in Victoria. Consider the experience these sacked drivers have, will be thrown to the wind. At least some redundancy packages will be offered to those lucky few.


Good for the truck sales guys. More owner driver competition and more price cutting. Is that a good thing?



Mine truck launch

Big boys….big toys

This article was published in the Maitland Mercury

One of three mining trucks across the globe are made by Belaz, but only four have ever been imported and used in the Hunter previously.

A small company like Australian Pacific Engineering Group has opened new premises to establish itself in the Australian mining industry, creating more jobs in the Hunter Valley.

The spin off will also mean more employment for Queensland and New South Wales and is a much welcomed venture for a small Australian company taking on the global big boys.


Let’s hope the mining companies support a growing Australian company

Much needed truck stops

Article from ABC News

The upgrades will help the fatigue-related heavy vehicle crashes and reduce the number of heavy vehicle parking in informal areas along the Hume Freeway

Fast tracking the addition of extra truck stops can only be a good thing for the Australian Trucking Industry particularly those truckies regularly driving on Australia’s highest truck traffic corridor, Sydney to Melbourne. The increase between Benalla and Wodonga from 35 spaces to 111 is a step in the right direction and is long overdue.


Need to look at Brisbane to Melbourne as well. More truckstops are never enough.

The mighty Mack “bulldog” truck

Article published in The Herald Sun

Historical look at Mack trucks in Australia in a limited edition book including “The Bulldog”

The soldiers referred to them as “bulldogs” and the name stuck – from 1932 a bulldog has adorned the bonnet of every Mack truck

Mack trucks, the much revered “Bulldog” emblem, still rides with pride since 1932, with the bulldog standing proudly on the bonnet of every Mack truck on our Australian highways. “Mack” has a close connection with our Australian truckies and will remain so for many years to come. It is now the time to restore some of these historic Mack trucks in Australia.


If you are a “Mack” man, a bulldog, the limited edition 314-page coffee table book documenting the history of the trucks in Australia makes good reading.



Restored truck triggers fond memories

Article published in The Examiner (Tasmania)

Truck link to earlier days

Mr Stephens is the production manager at the R. Stephens Tasmanian Honey company at Mole Creek but that truck has a link to earlier days

57 years on and a fully restored 1956 Ford F600 truck….(that’s 57 years old) still brings back memories for the grandson’s owner. Will todays more advanced trucks be able to be restored in the near future? Consider the technical advancement over the last 50 years for truck manufacturers to engineer todays trucks. Will we be capable of restoring them today.


Keep the manufacturers service books as they might be worth more than todays trucks into the future.

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