Truck Types Insurance Guide


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Agitator A bowl fitted to the rear of a standard rigid truck, used to transport and mix concrete form a batching plant to a construction site.
B-Double An articulated vehicle with a second Semi-Trailer attached to the rear of the first Semi-Trailer by means of a turntable.
Bogie Driver A Prime Mover or truck with two drive axles at the back. A 6×4 or, if twin steer, 8×4 vehicle.
Cab-over or Cab Over Engine (COE) A truck with the cab mounted directly above the engine and front axle.
Combination Vehicle A truck towing one or more trailers.
Converter Dolly or Dolly A unit designed to convert a Semi-Trailer to a Dog Trailer.
Curtainsider or Tautliner A van-type body with curtain sides that are held down by straps attached to the tie-rail and pulled tight lengthwise by a ratchet.
Dog A device used to tension chains when securing loads.
Dog Trailer A trailer with two axle groups, the front group being steered by the drawbar coupled to the towing vehicle.
Excavator A vehicle consisting of an articulated arm, bucket and cab mounted on a pivot.
Flat Top A truck, trailer, or Semi-Trailer that has a flat goods-carrying area without sides.
Frig Pan A refrigerated pantechnicon or van, with the body often now made of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and usually having a diesel-powered refrigeration unit at the front.
Gates Frames used at the front, sides and rear of the load-carrying platform to contain the load.
Jinker A trailer designed to transport long logs.
Pantechnicon, Pantech or Pan A completely enclosed van body on a rigid vehicle or Semi-Trailer (eg. furniture van).
Prime Mover A short wheel based truck used to tow a Semi-Trailer.
Rigid Motor Vehicle A vehicle without a trailer.
Road Train Either a truck hauling two or more trailers, or a Prime Mover hauling one or more Semi-Trailers connected by dollies.
Semi or Semi-Trailer A Semi-Trailer has one axle group at the rear and is designed so that the front is supported by the Prime Mover.
Skeletal or Skel Trailer A trailer or Semi-Trailer that has no tray but has attachments fitted to the frame for the carrying of goods (eg. Twist locks for containers, or bolsters for logs or timber).
Stock Crate A truck or trailer body built for carrying livestock.
Table Top Truck with a flat bed or tray body.
Tipper, Tip-Truck or Tip-Trailer A truck or trailer which can discharge its load by tilting the cargo body.
Triple Tri-Axle or Triple A combination of a Prime Mover, Semi-Trailer and two trailers. A three trailer road train.
Turntable A device for coupling a Prime Mover to a Semi-Trailer. The three basic types are greasy plate, ball race and fixed.


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