Trucks and trailers in Australia


 The many makes and models of trucks and trailers available in Australia are specifically designed to handle all road transport tasks while meeting the needs of cost effective road freight both interstate and intrastate.

Light Rigid Trucks and Medium Rigid Trucks

4×4 cab chassis

Rigid Tipper trucks (axles to carry 2 to 15 tonnes)

2 Axle Rigid Truck with flat top (1 steering axle + 1 driving axle)

Pantech Rigid Truck Van (body construction reinforced or fibreglass)

3 Axle Rigid Truck Bogie Drive (flat tops with container pins)

3 Axle Rigid Truck with attachments (eg.a rear mounted cranes)

4 Axle Rigid Trucks (twin steer or 8 wheeler)

Single Drive Prime Mover (conventional single drive)

Rigid Trucks with an attached concrete agitator

Prime Movers

Cab Over Truck (single drive)

Bogie Drive Truck (conventional)

Bogie Drive Truck (cab over)

Day Cab Truck (conventional)

Cab Over Truck (bogie drive truck with sleeper)

Articulated Trailers

Flat Top Trailer (tri-axle at rear)

Skel Trailer (A “skeleton trailer” used mainly for container transport)

Tip Over Axle Tipper Trailer ( for bulk loading grain and cotton seed)

B-Double Tanker ( many safety features are required on this trailer because of dangerous goods transportation)

Refrigerated freezer and chiller trailers ( “freezer”- thick walled fibreglass..”chiller” as with Tautliners

Tautliner trailer (Curtainsider)

Drop Deck Tautliner trailer (Step Deck construction)

Bulk Tanker Trailer (manufactured to transport cement, fly ash,flour and bulk food stuffs)

High Pressure LPG Tanker Trailer (used for LPG transportation at high pressure)

Log Jinker Trailer (log transportation)

Low Loader Trailer (to transport heavy earthmoving equipment and up to 12 tyres per axle)

Low Loader Turntable Trailer (1 tandem axle group or 6 axle “dolly”)

Multi- Combination Trailers (can be formed as a B-Double, B-Triple, Double Trailer Road Train)

Road Train (cattle transportation with upper and lower decks)

Side Loader Trailer (transports 20ft, 40ft, or 2x20ft containers and loads without the use of a separate crane)

Rigid Trailers

2 Axle Flat Top Dog Trailer (limit loads because of axle configurations)

Pig Trailer (named because of it’s behavior when being towed or reversed)

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